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Zija Reviews

Zija Reviews

Hello and welcome to my Zija Reviews! If you have arrived here you are probably researching Zija and thinking about joining as a rep. You may also be an existing rep and are looking for ways to be more successful.

First, I would like to say congratulations on wanting more in life and doing something about it. Second, nice work on doing your due dillegence on Zija.

I want to tell you from the beginning I am not a Zija rep, so my Zija Reviews are from a 3rd party, unbiased source. I am a successful, veteran network and internet marketer, and my hope is to assist and empower you to massive success.

Zija Reviews- Is Zija Real Business and Legitimate?

That is a good question and the answer is YES, Zija is an absolutely real business. Zija, or Zija International, has been in business since 2006 and has shown good growth.  Zija International is a health and nutrition, or health and wellness company.  David Andrews is the founder, president and CEO of Zija, and the company is based in Lindon, Utah.

Zija Reviews – What is Zija?

Zija is a direct sales/network marketing company that produces several products for health, weight loss, and skin care.  Their products contain a unique ingredient called Moringa, derived from what the ancients call the “miracle tree”.  Zija claims that because of Moringa, the products have a balance of amino acids, minerals, and antioxidants, which treat over 300 health issues.

Here is Zija’s Mission Statement from the corporate website:  “We develop natural, earth-friendly products using the miracle plant Moringa and market them worldwide through our global family of Independent Distributors. We value opportunity and are dedicated to empowering our distributors, customers and employees to reach their dreams of health and financial wellness.”


Zija Reviews – How do I make money in Zija?

Zija Reviews

Zija Reviews

That is a great question and the reason you are here. First, I want to tell you this or any network marketing company is not a get rich overnight business, any Zija Reviews that tell you otherwise are not telling you the truth. You will have to dedicate yourself to learning the business, overcoming obstacles, and pushing through disappointment. If your reason for success is big enough and you don’t have a time frame on succeeding, you will have success. Making money in Zija is simple and is fairly standard in this wonderful profession…simply sell product and show others how to do the same.

Zija Reviews – This is Great, Why Doesn’t Everyone Have Success in Zija?

In my Zija Reviews I would love to tell you it is as simple as you probably were told. You were probably told to make a list of 100+ people you know and call them all. Talk to all of your family and friends. Well, that is great and you might even get a few to join your team, but eventually your warm list will run out. In network marketing when you run out of leads, you are out of business.

So the reason everyone does not succeed in network marketing is:

  1. They do not persist until they succeed. Most people who join an MLM have never been their own boss and quit when the going gets tough. This is a real business and you must treat it as such.
  2. They do not have an effective online marketing system and proper training.

Zija Reviews – The SOLUTION

If you want to have long term success in Zija or any business you must have the proper marketing training and system…period. How would it feel to stop calling friends and family and actually talk to people who are already interested in an opportunity like Zija? How would it feel to have 10+ qualified leads contacting you every day?

Stop chasing people who will never join you and start attracting those who will help you build Your Business.

This is what is called Attraction Marketing and it is the Absolute Key to Your Success.

I would love to help you market and build your Zija Enterprise online…which is why I want you to CLICK HERE NOW for the BEST ONLINE MARKETING AND TRAINING SYSTEM for your Zija Business.

I look forward to working with You and thank you for stopping by! Feel free to share this with others who can receive value from my Zija Reviews.

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