Silver Premier Club – $10 Million Silver Giveaway

Silver Coins are Assets

Silver Coins Are Assets

Are you worried about the devaluing dollar? Would you like to learn how to convert some of your money into hard assets in the form of graded, silver numismatic coins?  Better yet…would you like to learn how to get some of these coins for FREE?  If you say Yes, then read on…





What is Numismatics?

Numismatics is simply the collection of and the study of money. Approximately 70% of people already collect some type of coins. Maybe you had a collection as a child or have some coins you saved from another country.  Numismatics are a $100 billion worldwide industry and with Numis Network’s Silver Premier Club you can tap into this incredible industry.  If you are going to collect something, wouldn’t money be the best thing to collect?

What is Numis Network and the Silver Premier Club?



Numis Network

Numis Network

Numis Network is a company with a vision of getting $10 million worth of Free Silver Assets into the people’s hands in the next 5 years through The $10 Million Silver Giveaway.  Numis was founded in 2009 after three successful businessmen saw the problem with the economy for what it is and came up with a solution.  This company knows very well that the problems with the economy are not going to be solved by the government or large corporations.  This economy is not going to be fixed by printing more money.  The problems are going to be fixed by getting more people into asset development and out of debt. We help people collect silver and gold collectible coins.

The Silver Premier Club 100% Buyback Guarantee

5 Year 100% Buyback Guarantee

Silver Assets Guaranteed

Numis Network’s Silver Premier Club is the only place you are going to find a 100% guarantee on your silver graded assets.  When you join, you get a 30 day money back guarantee on your first coin.  Even better, if you are not happy with the value of your coins in 5 years from the time of purchase…Numis Network will buy back your coins for the original price you paid for them.  I challenge you to try and find that kind of deal anywhere.  And the best part is, if your getting you’re coins for free, you’re not going to worry about what you paid for them.


Best Pricing and Best Coins…

So how does Numis Network make sure it’s customers are getting the best coins for the best price?  Very simple we have teamed up with the number one coin salesman in the world and the world’s leading numismatic expert.  Mike Mezak has over $1 billion in lifetime coin sales and has the right connections on pricing.  Keith Love has the ability and credentials to get the rarest and most collectible coins for our members.  In fact, Numis Network’s Silver Premier Club is the ONLY place you can get the Keith Love Signature Series.  Talk about driving up collector demand in the years to come.  Keith is so respected the U.S. Secret Service hired him to help them with an international counterfeit case.

Where Do The Coins Come From?



Silver Premier Club

Silver Premier Club

The coins that our Silver Premier Club members receive come from all the world mints.  You receive a different coin each month such as the U.S. Silver Eagle, the Chinese Panda, and the Australian Koala. The coins are graded by a 3rd party, highly respected coin grading agency and are graded perfect which is a MS70 (Mint State 70) grade.  The coins are museum quality and are highly sought after by collectors. Take the MS70 American Silver Eagle and it’s rising value over the last quarter century.  If you had collected one of these coins every year since 1986 you would have a collection worth $50,ooo.  If you had collected one each month, like we do in the Silver Premier Club, you would have a collection of almost $600,000!  Can you afford not to start collecting right now?

Start Your Own Family Asset Development Program Today

You can begin to build you and your family’s future and financial security today by joining our prestigious Silver Premier Club.  Now is the time to start teaching our children the value of collecting assets instead of debt.

Click Here to Learn How To Get Your Monthly Silver Assets Now!

My daughter Destiny is 7 years old and she received a Free gold plated, silver coin.  Tom from Colorado is a 22 year firefighter and he gets a free silver asset every month.  Erwin from Canada gets a free MS70 coin for his family each month. Everyday people from all walks of life are collecting coins and taking back their freedom.  And many of them are getting their Silver Asset Free…just like you can.

Click Here To Learn How To Get A FREE Coin Each and Every Month!

ACT RIGHT NOW and you will get a FREE aluminum attache case that will hold your coins.  This case

Destiny with her Free Coin

Destiny with her Free Coin

will keep you coins safe and will also provide a great way to showcase you coins and brag to all your friends.  When they see your coins…they will be begging to find out how to get some of their own…and how cool is it that you can show them how to get them FREE.

The Future Hold Many Exciting Things…

My friends, I have not even told you all the exciting things about being a member of the Silver Premier Club.  I have some inside info that will blow your mind if you like collecting assets in the form of numismatic silver coins. Not all the coins we have are modern issue coins.  I have a Greek coin I bought from Numis Network that is dated between 369 – 146 B.C.!  Imagine showing a 2300 year old coin to your friends!  Word is we will be coming out with a coin made from Electrum and is the first known coin to man!!!


I hope this post has provided value, and if so, please share with others that deserve more financial freedom.  If you would like to learn how to make a residual/leveraged by promoting the $10 Million Silver Giveaway Click Here Now.

Join The Silver Premier Club NOW!

Join The Silver Premier Club NOW!


Do not let this opportunity slip by, TAKE ACTION NOW, and begin collecting silver assets for you, your family, and generations to come.

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Jeremy Howie

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